I have been feeling inspired and restless, which can often be quite the productive combination. It’s gotten to that point where I feel settled in enough in New York and the work I am doing. Learning new things every day, and feeling blessed to be 24 and doing these things.

But you know? Something was missing. It’s time to work on my own personal little project. It may be a while, but I can’t wait to begin.


New York City Summer

It’s the beginning of fall. There’s that lilting anticipation. It’s not quite chilly yet, but it’s clear it is just around the corner and soon it’ll be time for tights and scarves. Delicious. Can’t wait.

What better time to look back at the little pieces of my New York summer?

Things got really crazy and busy, but I think I’m ready to come back to this. My sister moved to Indonesia, I moved to a new apartment in New York and started a new job, and then NYFW happened, so yes, it’s taken a while to get used to things.

But I feel like I’m at a good place.

Almond Brittle

On a whim, I made a mini batch of almond brittle for my sister and brother-in-law. It was so easy! Caramelised sugar, butter and almonds, such a simple indulgence.

Moving to my new apartment in New York next weekend, then starting a new internship on the 1st. I’m a busy girl, but so happy to be on the East Coast.

Here and There

The thing about traveling by road to another city is that you can never tell when one city ends and another begins. Unless of course, a skyline emerges on the horizon and you say to yourself, “Oh, there’s New York!” 

I have to say, being in between cities AND being young is liberating. I can’t wait for the things to come. 

Grey Lace and Cotton Candy Gown

I painted these two little ladies on the balcony today. It was calming and lovely and I think I am getting into a groove here. Clearly still feeling the pink.

Playing Favourites: Collections (Part 1)

There are few things I enjoy more than putting on some good music, having myself a big pot of tea and losing myself in the archives of Style.com runway shows. So when my friend Amy requested for me to write about my favourite collections of all time, I knew it would be a process I would enjoy. There’s more to come, but for now, enjoy Part 1!

Sonia Rykiel Spring 2008 RTW
Exuberant colours, controlled volume, and soft and incredibly feminine silhouettes? GUSH. I love the palette of this collection so so much, how the colours travel from bright sunshine yellow to barely-there sheer nudes and whites worn with frothy feather chubbies. And is that a stag beetle headpiece?! I love Sonia Rykiel season after season, but Spring 2008 was a clear stand out for me.

Marchesa Spring 2011 RTW
This collection evokes such a sense of fairytale whimsy, with its blush tones, heavily jewel-embellished necklines, sculptural curvaceous layers, and intricate paper-like cutouts. And then there are the meticulously draped pieces. Gorgeous. It was hard to choose 4-5 of my favourite looks, because I genuinely adore this entire collection.

Miu Miu Spring 2008 RTW
I think this collection needs no introduction to most. It’s instantly recognisable as some of the best known Miu Miu silhouettes. There’s lace, sweet collars, and super short ballerina-esque flounce. It’s fair to say that this is fit and flare done immaculately. Can’t get enough of the tiny tiers of pretty ruffles, the colourblock stripes, and the precious little-girl bloomers peeking out from under those skirts.

Lanvin Spring 2010 RTW
Saved the absolute best for last. Arguably my favourite of all time, the collection opens with serious black peplums and grown-up ruffles, and then moves into playful and frivolous pinks, from bubble gum to salmon (my favourite part of the entire collection). Then it’s an exploration of exquisitely draped neutrals, greys, blacks, followed by a quick but saturated line of colour. I find the lone cerulean dress a curious but perfect choice, it’s just lovely as the singular shot of blue in the collection. There’s a certain ebb and flow to the way volume works here, without it ever being overwhelming and unladylike. And the shoes! I want every pair, candy colours, ankle chains and all.

I’m happy to elaborate on any of my other favourite things, to add to the new ‘Playing Favourites’ segment of the blog, so just let me know!

All images compiled from Style.com.

Fashion School Scribbles

I’ve been going through more of my illustrations and scanning them lately. I usually am not a fan of looking at my old work (anything that is over 2 months old), but it was kind of therapeutic going through these. It makes me want to illustrate more.

See, I told you I would miss elements of fashion school. Maybe a trip to the art supply store is in order?