The Groupon holiday party was so much fun! It was more of a clubby atmosphere than the past year, with a full open bar, live band, and crazy lights… pretty impressive to be one of 4000 people dancing the night away. They had several photobooths set up, but I only had the patience to wait for one because there were so many danceable songs playing! We Found Love by Rihanna, anyone? 

I was so busy the week before leaving for home that it just went by so fast! I had fashion illustrations to finish up, things to pick up for my family, and various other things to attend to. It even snowed one day, and I’m happy for this because at least I can spend Christmas in the tropics quite satisfied that I’ve seen snow for the season. I doubt I’ll be happy about any snow I see when I get back in January, however.

My boyfriend took me to the ballet for The Nutcracker by Joffrey Ballet — it was SO lovely. The costumes, the choreography, so so beautiful! When I was a little girl, I used to imagine my toys coming to life just as in The Nutcracker. It never happened (and would be quite frightening if it did!) but there’s just something warm and fuzzy and nice about being brought back to something you loved as a child. Really, it was brilliant. And magical. Except for the fact that we had a rude heckling couple behind us who slipped in and occupied the empty seats during the second act. Really, it’s beyond me when people don’t know how to behave. And who gets drunk at the ballet?! I told them off at the end, which felt good, but I’m still a bit irritated that they spoiled the Waltz of the Flowers and Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy for me! Anyway, it was still beautiful and one of the best performances I’ve ever attended.

And now, after way too much time spent in airplanes and airports (27 hours total!), I’m home! I had a stopover in London Heathrow, where I devoured a sausage roll in an attempt to keep me going for the next few hours of a painfully exhausting layover. After London, it was Bangkok. And now… home! One of my favourite sights ever is descending upon Kuala Lumpur International Airport, where you see a great expanse of oil palm trees. It’s been a year and half since I’ve been home, so it’s been long overdue. I’m actually hopping on a plane to Jakarta, Indonesia in a few hours (because I need more time in planes and everything…) so it may be more than a few days before you hear from me next. I’ve been a bit lazy with taking pictures with my DSLR, because it’s so huge and awkward to pop in my purse. Instagram is just so easy. I’ll have to get better with that over the next few weeks!

Here’s wishing all of you a happy Christmas and New Year! Enjoy the time with family, eat voraciously, drink merrily, et cetera. I’ll be enjoying my holiday season in warm weather, and not missing wintry Chicago at all. Well, maybe just a little…