Am I the only one here who picks up lovely little sweets for no reason whatsoever? Sometimes it’s to surprise my boyfriend, sometimes it’s just because, and sometimes it’s because I know I only have boring leftovers for dinner and I want something a little special at the end. And they’re just so impossibly pretty to look at!

I’ve mentioned this before, but Sprinkles makes one hell of a vegan red velvet. I mean, really! Vegan what? It’s just as rich and satisfying as the regular cupcakes. We also sampled the cinnamon sugar, caramel apple (Halloween cupcake!), and the dark chocolate— all of which were very good. I like Sprinkles. I like that they regularly tweet free cupcake giveaways, and look! How cute is the wooden fork and knife?

Toni Patisserie just opened in the Loop a few months ago. If you live in Chicago, you know that for the most part, the Loop is a desert of fast food chains and mediocre restaurants. Well, Toni is the Parisian breath of fresh air the area truly needed! I have weekly appointments a stone’s throw away from Toni, so I sometimes end up picking up a pair of fruit tarts for later. Now, the fruit tarts here are the best I’ve had in Chicago, perhaps even the country. The custard is rich and generously flecked with vanilla bean, so lovely! They are a bit on the pricey side, but for something so well-crafted and divine? So, so very worth it.

Sprinkles is located at 50 East Walton Street, Chicago IL.
Toni Patisserie is located at 65 East Washington St, Chicago IL.